oil page pic_Twilight

I enjoy the rich feel and fluidity of oil paint. The challenge of creating the surface with different textures and brush strokes has never ending possibilities that I find exciting. I have painted longer with pastel but I have been painting in oil for many years now. I have found that I love working in it  as much as pastel.

There are so many different approaches to painting in oils. I enjoy painting from the live model in the Alla Prima method. Alla Prima literally means “at first”. It is a direct way of painting. Paint is applied wet into wet, not waiting for layers to dry. It is usually the method chosen for working from life.

Oils also can be done in a method referred to as glazing. This method is used to create a luminosity that can’t be achieved in alla prima, where the paint is opaque. With glazing,   previous layers, when dry, are painted over with paint that has been mixed with medium. More transparent colors mixed with the medium, can be built up in multiple layers creating a beautiful effect. This method was primarily used by  master painters of the past and can be quite laborious and time consuming.