Commission Portrait Process:

First Session:

Prior to the first sitting, the client and the artist will discuss all the details together. This will include the type of portrait the client desires, including the composition, location, complexity of the background, attire, size and where the portrait will be hung upon completion. Next the subject/subjects will be asked to pose for photographs and when possible, sketches and color studies will be made from life. When the photographs are completed, the client and Jean will decide on the best pose and composition. A completion date will be set and a non-refundable payment of 1/4 of the fee will be due at this time.

Painting Development:

Jean will begin the painting process and will keep the client informed throughout its progression. When the portrait is approximately 3/4 finished, she will show the painting to the client if they are local or email a photo. The client will be asked for their approval and another non-refundable payment of 1/4 of the fee will be due once approval is given.

Final Session:

Once the portrait is nearing completion, Jean will show the painting to the client and a final sitting may be required to make minor adjustments if needed.


Once completed, the portrait will be hand delivered, if local, or shipped. The remainder of the fee will be required before shipping. Jean will be glad to assist in framing choices if desired.

Download the Price Sheet

Fees do not include, travel, framing, applicable sales tax or shipping. Contact Jean for further pricing information